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Monday, September 30, 2013

In studio:

  • I’m Too Young For This!: The natural hormone solution to enjoy perimenopause
    Suzanne Somers, bestselling author and health advocate
    Suzanne’s book, I’m Too Young For this!, is available at all major bookstores.
  • The Cake Boss: Buddy Valastro
    Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss
    Meet Buddy today at Canadian Tire, 1025 Lakeshore Blvd East, Toronto
    And check out his new Cake Boss Baking Collection – to bake like a boss! Available exclusively at Canadian Tire, and CakeBossBaking.com
    Twitter: @CakeBossBuddy
  • The Project: Guatemala and the digital after show The Project Live
    Blair Yachetti and Bethany King
    Don’t miss The Project: Guatemala and the digital after show The Project Live on OLN, Mondays 10 p.m.!
  • Looking at City’s new show, Package Deal
    Randal Edwards, Package Deal
    Twitter: @PackageDeal_TV
  • 5 ways to make your home happier
    Yanic Simard, Toronto Interior Design Group
  • The Myths of Having it All: Can we all be super parents?
    Kathy Buckworth, author and parenting expert
    Toronto Speaks: Parenting on Rogers TV Toronto hosted by Kathy Buckworth premieres tonight at 9 p.m.!
    Twitter: @KathyBuckworth

On location with the Live Eye: