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Show Notes

Wednesday March 27, 2019

In studio:

  • 7:19 AM
    CRAM: The festival merging all 4 Toronto universities
    Mary Ito, CRAM Learning Festival founder
    CRAM is a unique free learning festival that is bringing all four GTA universities together. Festival founder Mary Ito joins us this morning to tell us more about the concept – and classes available.
    www.cramtoronto.com | Twitter: @cramtoronto
    Video: CRAM: The festival merging all 4 Toronto universities
  • 7:37 AM

    BT’s 6ix Star Rising: ‘Firecracker’
    Jasmin Mozaffari, Director – ‘Firecrackers’
    Michaela Kurimsky, Actor – ‘Firecrackers’
    BT’s 6ix Stars Rising are both the director and lead actress of the Canadian independent film ‘Firecrackers’. The CSA Nominated film follows two young women trying to escape their tiny town.
    Video: BT’s 6ix Star Rising: ‘Firecracker’
  • 8:36 AM
    Product of the Year 2019 Winners!
    Maureen Halushak, editor & chief of Chatelaine
    Chatelaine Magazine editor & chief, Maureen Halushak gives us a look at the Products of the Year for 2019!
    Video: Product of the Year 2019 Winners!

On location:

  • Rogers Centre
    1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto

    6:41 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole is live at the Rogers Centre where the Blue Jays are gearing up for their home opener!

    7:25 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole is live at the Rogers Centre with how to win tickets to tomorrow night’s opening day game!

    7:50 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole is live at the Rogers Centre chatting with Toronto Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro about what makes our home and native team so special!

    8:32 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole is live from the Rogers Centre concession stands tasting many of the delicious game day eats!

    8:45 AM
    Hit #5: Nicole is live at the Rogers Centre checking out all the cool merch available at the Jays Shop!

Tuesday March 26, 2019

In studio:

  • 6:22 AM
    A busy upcoming week in Canadian politics
    Kim Wright, Wright Strategies
    We talk to Kim Wright from Wright Strategies about the many happenings in Canadian politics taking place this week.
    Twitter: @lobbygrl
    Video: A busy upcoming week in Canadian politics
  • 6:41 AM
    CAA’s Worst Roads Campaign 2019
    Elliot Silverstein, CAA Manager Government Relations
    CAA Manager of Government Relations, Elliot Silverstein, shares details on this year’s Worst Roads campaign.
    www.caaworstroads.com | Twitter: @CAASCO_News
    Video: CAA’s Worst Roads Campaign 2019
  • 7:19 AM
    The Get Real Movement’s LGBTQr Campaign
    Julia Balot, grade 11 student at Toronto Ouest Secondary School; Marley Bowen, executive director of the Get Real Movement
    The Get Real Movement, encouraging inclusivity in education in schools – is debuting their new t-shirt campaign for students.
    www.thegetrealmovement.com | Twitter: @getrealmovement
    Video: The Get Real Movement’s LGBTQr Campaign
  • 7:39 AM
    BT’s Pet Fashion Show!
    Julie Gebara, Ruff Stitched; Seth Falk, Hands on Exotics
    Hands On Exotics has the pets – Ruff Stitched supplies the couture – and together, BT proudly presents our Pet Fashion Show.
    www.ruffstitched.myshopify.com | Twitter: @RuffStitched
    www.handsonexotics.com | Twitter: @handsonexotics
    Video: BT’s Pet Fashion Show!
  • 8:00 AM
    Updates on Radiohead inquest
    Mark McAllister, Citynews journalist
    Twitter: @McAllister_Mark
  • 8:32 AM
    Dreamy travel destinations for your summer vacay
    Barry Choi, travel and money expert
    Travel and Money Expert Barry Choi helps you plan your dream summer vacation with a list of his top travel destinations.
    www.moneywehave.com | Twitter: @barrychoi
    Video: Dreamy travel destinations for your summer vacay

    People don’t think about the Caribbean as a summer destination, but Barbados is a year-round destination with so many things to do.If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out the Crane Resort which has direct access to the beach on the Atlantic side and some of the best restaurants on the island. There’s also Naniki which isn’t on the beach, but up in the mountains. This is the spot you should head to if you’re looking for a wellness or nature retreat.

    As for what to do, Tiami catamaran cruises offer a half day tour along the tranquil Caribbean Sea where you’ll get to snorkel by a shipwreck and among sea turtles. There’s also Harrison’s Cave where you can explore the site via a tram! For a little bit of history, check out St. Nicholas Abbey – one of the oldest rum distilleries on the island.

    Be sure to try a flying fish sandwich is basically the national dish and is super cheap. Then there’s Oistin’s Fish Fry where you can get fresh seafood and sides while enjoying local entertainment. Fun fact, McDonald’s doesn’t have any locations on the island. Instead, the local fast food joint is Chefette which is definitely worth trying.

    Everyone has heard of the Blue Lagoon, but what is it exactly? It’s basically a thermal spa where you enjoy the pools but you can also pay for additional treatments such as face masks and massages. Keep in mind that there are spas all over the country so you can easily find a spot with fewer crowds compared to the blue lagoon.

    Now that you’re all relaxed you explore the rest of the country. The nice thing is most of the attractions are nature related, I’m talking about waterfalls, glaciers and rock formations that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s easy enough to rent a car and drive around the country on your own, but G Adventures offers a 7-day Wellness Iceland tour where all of the logistics are taken care of including meals, transportation, and even a guided meditation session.

    Nicknamed the Emerald City, Seattle has so many outdoor activities to do from scenic hikes to kayaking. It’s also the cultural center of the Pacific Northwest and is easily accessible to Canadian travellers.

    When people think of Seattle, they probably picture the Space Needle. It recently went through a renovation and now features a floor-to-ceiling glass viewing experience. Other attractions you can’t miss include the Museum of Pop Culture and Pike Place Market which is the longest continuously running public market in the U.S.

    As you can imagine, the city hosts year-round events including the Destination Moon exhibit at the Museum of Flight. 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing so you’ll get a chance to see artifacts from the Apollo 11 mission.

On location:

  • HideSeek
    1305 Dundas St West, Toronto7:53 AM
    HIT #1: Nicole is LIVE at HideSeek, an immersive experience aimed at bringing out any adult’s inner child.8:22 AM
    HIT #2: Nicole is LIVE at HideSeek, an immersive experience aimed at bringing out any adult’s inner child.8:42 AM
    HIT #3: Nicole is LIVE at HideSeek, an immersive experience aimed at bringing out any adult’s inner child.





Monday March 25, 2019

In studio:

6:20 AM
Melissa Millett, Animal Trainer
Melissa on what training the feline cast of ‘Pet Sematary’ was like

6:55 + 7:10 AM
Mary Walsh, Actor & Comedian
Mary on her infamous kiss with Stephen Harper and receiving the Earle Grey award at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards
Twitter: @marywalsh11

7:20 AM
Helen Hatzis, Chief Community and Development Officer for Genius 100
Helen Hatzis on Genius 100’s debut of the world’s first 3D printed book

7:40 AM
Andrea Donsky, Holistic Nutritionist, NaturallySavvy.com
Spring natural and organic product trends from this year’s Expo West
Twitter: @andreadonsky | @naturallysavvy

1. Environment 

One of the biggest trends this year was sustainability. How can we the consumer, help the environment by making better purchasing decisions, and what can companies do to make products that are more environmentally friendly.

Two companies that are leading the way in reducing the use of single use plastic bottles are: SodaStream and Brita.

Here are some cool stats: Each Canadian household can save up to 2,000 single-use plastic bottles a year by using a SodaStream. Have you ever used one? It’s a sparkling water maker. Last year alone, SodaStream users replaced 217 million single-use plastic bottles.

The other thing you can do to reduce your use of single use plastic bottles is to use a Brita pitcher with a built in filter. One filter replaces 1,800 single use plastic bottles a year. My mother loves her Brita filter! I love it because it filters our chlorine and lead, and the water tastes great.

2: Hemp

Another huge trend was hemp. Manitoba Harvest is leader when it comes to hemp-based foods. They recently launched their Hemp Yeah! Granola. Each serving has 10 grams of plant-based non-soy protein, and less than 10 grams of sugar. It comes in 3 flavours (Honey & Oats Blueberry and Dark chocolate) and it’s great for breakfast or as a snack.

3: Mushrooms

The next trend is mushrooms, and specifically mushroom supplements that include Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, shiitake and Chaga mushrooms. Different mushrooms have different properties and contain antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties. They are amazing for overall immunity and brain health, specifically memory. Both Pure Essence and Garden of Life have mushrooms lines with clean ingredients.

4: Adaptogens

Adaptogens are herbs that help us to cope better with stress and fatigue by regulating hormones. If our body needs a little more of something or a little less, herbs like tulsi and ashwaghanda help with energy, mental focus, and endurance. Organic India is new to Canada and has a line of Tulsi Teas and Supplements that contain adaptogenic herbs.

5: Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory continues to be a huge trend since it’s so closely related to chronic illness. The key is keeping that inflammation down on a consistent basis. One of my favourite supplements that I take daily is serrapeptase. It’s an enzyme that helps to break down protein in our body. It works really well for helping to reduce phlegm and breakdown fibrous tissue in the body and can also help with back pain.

6: Clean beauty

The last trend is clean beauty. I am so happy to see that this trend because we absorb 60% of what we put on our body so avoiding chemicals like parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol and other chemicals we know cause harm to our body, specifically hormones, is important. Natural beauty products have exploded with everything from skin care, to deodorant and make-up. 2 brands I’m really liking who are both local is Look Organics, and Clean Kiss Organics.

8:30 AM
Sarah Vermunt, Career Coach, Careergasm
Tips and advice for upcoming and recent graduates
Twitter: @careergasm | Instagram: @careergasm
Web: www.careergasm.com

Purchase Sarah’s book, ‘Career Rookie: A Get-It-Together Guide for Grads, Students and Career Newbies’


On location:

  • The Bata Shoe Museum
    327 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, on the southwest corner of Bloor and St. George streets

6:40 AM
Hit #1: Nicole checks out the All About Shoes Gallery with Sheila Knox, Head of Education and Programming!

7:50 AM
Hit #2: Nicole experiences the WANT exhibition with Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack!

8:25 AM
Hit #3: Nicole’s at North Storage learning about the Circumpolar artefacts!

8:40: AM
Hit #4: Nicole’s putting the storage visit into context with a visit to the Art & Innovation exhibition!






Friday March 22, 2019

In studio:

  • 6:20 AM
    What Canadians can do to help the water crisis
    Niko Moniz, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada YouTube Host
    Today is World Water Day. 800 million people around the world don’t have access to clean, safe water. Watch to learn more about what Canadians can do to help.
    www.worldwaterday.org | www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_rFSl-3j2U
    Video: What Canadians can do to help the water crisis
  • 6:39 AM
    Weekend sports look ahead!
    Hugh Burrill, Sportsnet
    Sportsnet’s Hugh Burrill with what’s happening in sports this weekend!
    Twitter: @hughwburrill
    Video: Weekend sports look ahead!
  • 6:50 AM
    Women in Stem design ultra-efficient vehicle!
    Lauren Howe, BT Correspondent
    Imagine driving from Toronto to Halifax and back on just one gallon of gas! BT correspondent, Lauren Howe, met with a team of U of T Engineering students who designed an ultra-efficient car from the ground up!
    Twitter: @laurenhowe77
    Video: Women in Stem design ultra-efficient vehicle! 
  • 5:56 AM
    Toronto Maple Leafs alum Darryl Sittler!
    Darryl Sittler, Hockey Hall of Famer & Toronto Maple Leafs Alumnus
    For the first time ever, Toronto Maple Leafs fans can get their hands on limited edition memorabilia, and it’s all for a good cause! Maple Leafs alumnus Darryl Sittler tells us all about the new Charity Bag program.
    Twitter: @MLSEFoundation
    Video: Toronto Maple Leafs alum Darryl Sittler!
  • 7:20 AM
    John Reardon on new show ‘Hudson & Rex’
    John Reardon, Hudson – ‘Hudson & Rex’
    Diesel, Rex – ‘Hudson & Rex’
    What a paw-fect way to start our day! Catch John and Diesel on ‘Hudson & Rex’, premiering Monday at 8pm on Citytv!
    Video: John Reardon on his new show ‘Hudson & Rex’
  • 7:38 AM
    Director of ‘The Highwaymen’, John Lee Hancock!
    John Lee Hancock, Director of ‘The Highwaymen’
    Director John Lee Hancock stopped by to tell us about his new film, ‘The Highwaymen’ – which tells the story of the Texas ranger who ended Bonnie & Clyde’s crime spree.
    Video: Director of ‘The Highwaymen’, John Lee Hancock!

On location:

  • Air Riderz
    570 Applewood Crescent, Vaughan

    7:25 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole is live at Air Riderz Adventure Park in Vaughan!

    7:51 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole is live at Air Riderz Adventure park where they have 26,000 square feet of fun!

    8:21 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole is live at air Riderz in Vaughan checking out their twelve court dodge ball area & more!

    8:36 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole is live at Air Riderz Adventure Park trying out the poll walk!

Thursday March 21, 2019

In studio:

  • 6:22 AM
    Google has a new cloud-based video game system!
    Mike Yawney, tech expert
    Google introduces ‘Stadia’ – its new cloud gaming service that you can enjoy from your smartphone or tablet! Our tech expert Mike Yawney is in studio with the details.
    Twitter: @Gadget_Guy
    Video: Google has a new cloud-based video game system!
  • 7:20 AM
    The Harlem Globe Trotters dribble into studio!
    Champ Thompson, NCAA champion
    Zeus McClurkin, 4 time Guinness world record holder
    The Harlem Globetrotters are dribbling into the GTA from March 31st-April 17th for the 2019 Fan Powered Canadian Tour!
    www.harlemglobetrotters.com | Twitter: @Globies
    Video: The Harlem Globe Trotters dribble into studio!
  • 7:39 AM
    Debunking popular spring cleaning myths!
    Kim Dunn, cleaning expert – Molly Maid
    Kicking off the season of cleaning with Molly Maid cleaning expert, Kim Dunn! She is here to debunk popular cleaning myths!
    Video: Debunking popular spring cleaning myths!
  • 8:11 AM
    Mayor John Tory on  the future of Toronto
    John Tory, Mayor of Toronto
    Mayor John Tory joins us in studio this morning to talk about the future of Toronto. He chats with Melanie about transportation and making the city more attractive to tourists.
    Video: Mayor John Tory on  the future of Toronto
  • 8:32 AM
    Jessica Lucas on her new crime drama, ‘The Murders’ 
    Jessica Lucas, Detective Kate Jameson – ‘The Murders’
    Twitter: @jessicalucas
    Video: Jessica Lucas on her new crime drama, ‘The Murders’ 

On location: 

  • Casa Loma
    1 Austin Terrace, Toronto7:24 AM
    Hit#1: Nicole is live checking out the historic Casa Loma!7:54 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole is live at Casa Loma checking out the observatory room, the incredible ball room and the library.

    8:22 AM

    Hit #3: Nicole is live from the basement of Casa Loma with an inside look at the escape rooms!

    8:42 AM
    Hit#4: Nicole is live at Casa Loma in Toronto checking out their new restaurant ‘Blue Blood Steak House’ where Drake celebrated his last birthday!

Wednesday March 20, 2019

In studio:

On location:

  • Royal Botanical Gardens
    680 Plains Road West, Burlington

    7:25 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole is live at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington checking out the beautiful spring flowers!

    7:49 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole is live at The Royal Botanical Gardens learning all about the small but deadly creatures in the spider exhibit!

    8:20 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole is live at The Royal Botanical Gardens meeting some big and friendly spiders!

    8:30 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole is live at The Royal Botanical Gardens taking a look at some trees and plants from the Mediterranean areas of the world!

Tuesday March 19, 2019

In studio:

  • 6:20 AM
    Bill Morneau delivering liberal government forth budget today
    Chris Cochrane, U of Toronto Associate Professor of Political Science
    www.chriscochrane.ca | Twitter:
  • 7:20 AM
    Invisalign patient gets a  surprise smile makeover!
    Dr. David Walt, Walt Orthodontics
    Abby Gioulos, Patient
    www.invisalign.ca | Twitter: @Invisalign
  • 7:40 AM
    The Green Living show has healthy and sustainable lifestyle!
    Kathleen Krimker, Green Living Show
    Twitter: @GreenLivingPage
  • 8:30 AM
    Montreal director Kim Nguyen talks ‘The Hummingbird Project’!
    Kim Nguyen, Writer/Director, The Hummingbird Project
    Twitter: @HummingbirdProj

On location:

  • Hub Climbing Mississauga
    3636 Hawkestone Rd Unit 1 Mississauaga,

Monday March 18, 2019

In Studio:

  • 6:21 AM
    6 GTA food banks working together on a new food & drive campaign!
    Ryan Noble, executive director – North York Harvest Food Bank
    Roger chats with Ryan Noble from North York Harvest Food Bank about their new initiative. For the first time ever, six GTA food banks are working together to implement a collaborative, integrated food & drive campaign!
    www.northyorkharvest.com | Twitter: @ryanT_noble
    Video: 6 GTA food banks working together on a new food & drive campaign!
  • 7:10 AM
    Meet the Tims’ roll up the rim robot!
    Atif Harooni, Mechanical Systems Designer at ESI
    Atif Harooni from ESI joined us this morning with one of his robots! ESI has developed a way for their iconic Canadian brand to test out a robot ‘in the most Canadian way possible’ –by having it roll up the rim of a Tim Hortons cup!
    Twitter: @TimHortons
    Video: Meet the Tims’ roll up the rim robot!
  • 7:20 AM
    How to make healthy vegetarian Indian food!
    Anjum Anand, chef
    Chef Anjum Anand is here to show us some healthy & vegan dishes you can try out at home with her ‘The Spice Tailor’ sauces and spices!
    www.thespicetailor.com  | Twitter: @Anjum_Anand
    Video: How to make healthy vegetarian Indian food!
  • 7:40 AM
    New Spring Pampering Products
    Andrea Bain, lifestyle expert
    Lifestyle expert Andrea Bain is here to tell us about some awesome new products to get you pampered this spring, all availible at Shoppers Drug Mart.
    www.shoppersdrugmart.ca | Twitter: @ShopprsDrugMart @AndreaMBain
    Video: New Spring Pampering Products
  • 8:34 AM
    Danny DeVito is here!
    Danny DeVito, ‘Max Medici’ – Dumbo
    The legendary Danny DeVito is here talking all about his role as ‘Max Medici’ in Dumbo!
    Twitter: @DannyDeVito
    Video: Danny DeVito is here!

On location:

  • The Moon Exhibit @ The Aga Khan Museum
    77 Wynford Drive, Toronto7:25 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole is live at the Aga Khan Museum checking out their newest exhibit: ‘The Moon: A Voyage Through Time’.

    7:52 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole is live at the Aga Khan museum learning all about what the new moon exhibit has to offer!

    8:21 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole is live at The Aga Khan Museum getting an up close look at the moon!

    8:42 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole is live at The Aga Khan Museum checking out their new exhibit ‘The Moon: A voyage Through Time’.

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