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Thursday, Apr. 27, 2017

In Studio:

  • Flare’s Localist-at-large, Gracie Carroll, shows us the coolest homegrown goods!
    www.flare.com | Twitter: @GracieCarroll
  • Fire Chief Matthew Peg and Captain Rob Wonfor tell us about the incredible rescue of the woman who was stuck on a Downtown Toronto crane.
  • Senior Health Editor of Today’s Parent, Jill Buchner talks with us about common car seat mistakes.
    www.todaysparent.com | Twitter: @Todaysparent
  • Director and Producer of Bee Nation, Lana Šlezić
    and 10-year-old  first nations provincial spelling bee champion, William Kaysaywaysemat join us.
    www.hotdocs.ca | Twitter: @hotdocs
  • 5 tasty and easy recipes using store bought Rotisserie Chicken!
    www.cookingwithv.com | Twitter: @cookingwithv