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Thursday, April 2, 2015

In studio:

  • Bringing Awarness to World Autism Day
    Fi Ferraro, Mother, Advocate for Autism Awareness ; Christian Ferraro, 11 years old ; Emma Rose Ferraro, 9 years old
    autismspeaks.org ; autismspeaks.org | Twitter: @AutismSpeaks
  • Fito Blanko performs “Meneo”
    Fito Blanko, Canadian Artist, Furious 7 Soundtrack Song “Meneo
  • Brock Sorensen and Kevin Ross join us from the The Toronto Rock
    Brock Sorensen, The Toronto Rock ; Kevin Ross, The Toronto Rock
    www.torontorock.com | Twitter: @TorontoRockLax
  • Easy Italian dishes for Easter
    Christian Pritchard, Gastroentertainer

On location with the Live Eye: