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Thursday, August 20, 2015

In studio:

  • BT chats with electro-pop Duo “Icona Pop”
    Caroline Hjelt, Icona Pop;  Aino Jawa, Icona Pop
    www.iconapop.com | Twitter: @iconapop | Facebook: /iconapop
  • Flare Localist Gracie Carroll chats about the top trends
    Gracie Carroll, Flare Localist at Large
    www. flare.com | Twitter: @GracieCarroll
  • Ashley Madison Fall Out: What to do if you’re spouses name is on the list
    Kimberly Moffitt,  Relationship Expert, Doctor
  • Concussion & You, A handbook for parents and kids
    Dr. Nick Reed, Holland Bloorview Clinician Scientist; Scott Oakman, Exec. Dir. Greater Toronto Hockey League
    Twitter: @KidsConcussion, @HBKidsHospital, @DrNickReed@ScottOakman

On location with the Live Eye: