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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dina Pugliese’s guests:

  • Actor David Hasselhoff stops by!
    David Hasselhoff, actor
    See David live at Fan Expo this weekend at the Metro Convention Centre
    www.fanexpocanada.com | Twitter: @DavidHasselhoff
  • Girls on the Run: Running to inspire and motivate girls
    Allison Arcuri, youth embassador; Tracy Moore, ambassador
  • 15 workouts for moms
    Dr. Stacy Irvine, fitness expert, Today’s Parent; Kerrie Lee Brown, executive editor, Today’s Parent
  • Chilly Ribbons: The world’s favourite frozen treat!
    Scott Colwell, Chilly Ribbons
    You can find Chilly Ribbins at the CNE