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Thursday, July 19, 2019

In studio:

  • Toronto is shedding a tear after the Raptors traded four-time NBA all-star DeMar DeRozan for San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard. What will this mean for the Raptors? Joining us with his take on the trade is Raptors Superfan, Nav Bhatia
    Nav Bhatia, Raptors Superfan
    Social: @superfan_nav
  • Youth Day 2018 is a festival that engages young aspiring artists to showcase their Music, Dance, Art, Photography, Fashion and Film. Joining us today to tell us about the event is Artist Manager Farley Flex and Artist Rodrigo Castro
    Farley Flex – Artist, Rodrigo Castro – Artist Manager
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…shopping in July! Christmas may be about 5 months away but Seane Keane host of The Shopping Channel has brought us some great deals that will be available on July 25th and 26th to help get you in the Holiday Spirit!
    Sean Keane – TSC Host
  • Farmers’ market season is in full swing and Toronto is packed with options for fresh, local produce and other goodies. Nutrition Artist Michelle Jaelin is here with some tips to help you get the most out of your trip
    Michelle Jaelin – “The Nutrition Artist”
    Social: @NutritionArtist

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE at the Girls Empowerment Summer Camp