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Thursday, July 6, 2017

In Studio:

  • $10,000 Toronto Skyline art contest winners
    Karen Mills, Toronto Public art curator and $10,000 art contest winner Joy Boulos
  • Keeping your pets cool this weekend
    Rachel Vandenkroonenberg, OSPCA agent
    nohotpets.ca | See a pet alone in a car? Call 310- SPCA | http://www.petsmart.ca/
  • Cristina’s Tortina bake shop
    Mary Iusso, president of Christina’s Tortina shop
  • AGO’s ‘Wanted’ exhibit
    Tracy Moore, Cityline host, Camal Pirbhai, artist and Camille Turner, artist
  • 33rd annual Lady Jays food drive July 7-9
    Lady Jays: Amanda Pillar, Morgan Happ, Janai Estrada, Leighann Loup and Kristen Smoak
  • Raptors Dance Pak auditions this weekend!
    Amberley Waddell, choreographer for Toronto Raptors Dance Pak
    Twitter: @RaptorsDancePak