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Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

In studio:

  • MADD Canada with an important reminder this Holiday season
    LaToya Garcia and Carolyn Swinson, MADD Canada
    www.madd.ca | Twitter: @maddcanada
  • Stars of ‘Blood and Water’ chat about the season premiere
    Lily Gao, Owen Kwong, and Loretta Yu, actors
    www.omnitv.ca | Twitter: @BloodWaterTV
  • Taking a look at Icelandic culture at Taste of Iceland this weekend
    Eliza Reid, Iceland’s first lady
    www.icelandnaturally.com | Twitter: @icelandnatural #TasteOfIceland
  • Amy Sky on her inspiring new collaboration with Olivia Newton-John, “Liv On”.
    Amy Sky, Torontonian singer, song-writer
    www.amysky.com | Twitter: @amysky
  • Fabulous foodie finds with Pay Chen
    Pay Chen, City TV
    www.paychen.com | Twitter: @paychen


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