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Thursday, Sep. 22, 2016

In studio:

  • Cancer survivor Jack Shore shares his story
    Jack Shore, cancer survivor and fitness enthusiast
    Rowena Pinto, Canadian Cancer Society
    www.lottery.cancer.ca | Twitter: @cancersociety
  • Soccer legend Dwayne De Rosario’s support programs for Toronto Community Housing
    Dwayne De Rosario, retired Canadian soccer player
    Twitter: @dwaynederosario
  • Cirque Du Soleil’s Laura and Abou perform their act “Football Dance”
    Laura Biondo and Abou Traore, Cirque Du Soleil’s LUZIA performers
    www.cirquedusoleil.com | Twitter @Cirque | Facebook: /LUZIAbyCirqueduSoleil





Global March for Elephants & Rhinos Toronto 2016