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Thursday Sep. 28 , 2017

In Studio:

  • PM Trudeau’s 1st YouTube Collaboration with “Today with Tray”
    Tray, YouTuber with “Today With Tray”, Keshia, YouTuber with “Today With Tray.” Kameiro (7.5 years old) and Cali (3.5 years old)
  • Retired Military Captain and Invictus Athlete
    Helene Le Scelleur, retired military captain and Invictus games athlete
  • Why Praising Your Kids is a Bad Thing
    Professor Kang Lee, World Leading Authority on Child Development at University of Toronto
  • ROM Friday Night Live
    Oksana Tandit, Fashion Designer (CEO and Creative Director for Oksana Tandit)
    @ROMtoronto | www.rom.on.ca

On Location:

  • Devo Brown live at the ACC for WE Day Toronto on the Red Carpet.