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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Live on location at Walt Disney World

  • We celebrate Breakfast Televisions 25th anniversary at Walt Disney World courtesy of West Jet Vacations!
    Walt Disney World, Orlando Fla.
    Twitter: @WaltDisneyWorld ; @WestJet ; #BTinDisney
  • We check out Disney’s Frozen sing-a-long!
    Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Frankie Flowers eats local and fresh in Walt Disney World
    Epcot, Walt Disney World
    Frank Ferragine, City’s Gardening Expert
    frankieflowers.com | Twitter: @FrankFerragine
  • We take a look at Disney’s veterinary centre
    Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World
  • WestJet gives tips on travelling with small children
    Richard Bartrem, WestJet ; Marlie Morrison, Walt Disney World
    Twitter: @WaltDisneyWorld ; @WestJet ; #BTinDisney
  • We ride Disney’s Tower of Terror!
    Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World