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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dina Pugliese’s guests:

  • Bum Run Marathon
    Ian Bookman, MD, founder, Bum Run
    Join the Bum Run this Sunday August 25 – Melanie Ng will be emceeing!
  • The Naked Roommate – Top 10 tips for first year students and a similar list for their parents
    Harlan Cohen, author, The Naked Roommate and The Naked Roommate for Parents
  • The talents of Buskerfest
    Lisa Lottie, hula hooper extraordinaire
    Charlie Caper, street magician
    www.torontobuskerfest.com | Twitter: @buskerfestto
  • Choose It and Lose It: Navigating the world of bacon
    Rose Reisman, nutritional guru
    You can pick up Choose it and Lose it in stores and online now
  •  “Getaway” director visits
    Courtney Solomon, director, Getaway
    Getaway releases Aug 30 (next Friday) in theatres.  Check your local listings for show times.