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Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018

In studio:

  • How to re-vamp and adapt to a Valentine’s Day that fits our kids and culture
    Julie Cole, Co-Founder Mabel’s Labels/Parenting Blogger/Mom of Six
    Social: @JulieCole
  • The 10-point plan launched by Mayor Tory to reduce crowding on the TTC
    Councillor Josh Colle, TTC Chair
    Twitter: @JoshColle
  • Keep your family entertained this Family Day Weekend at Kids Fest Toronto, located at the International Centre
    Seth Falk, Hands on Exotics
    Web: www.handsonexotics.com | www.kidsfestto.com
  • Making your home a healthy environment for your family
    Bryce Wylde, City Health Expert/Associate Medical Director at P3Health
    Twitter: @WyldeOnHealth
    Web: www.p3health.net