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Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017

In Studio:

  • Comedian, Darrin Rose, joins us in studio before heading out on tour.
    www.darrinrose.com | Twitter: @darrinrose
  • Frankie Flowers helps us get through this cold and icy day with cold weather hacks!
    www.frankieflowers.com | Twitter: @FrankFerragine
  • Olympic Gold Medalists Natalie Spooner and Laura Fortino stop by to talk about Canadian Women’s Hockey League All Star Game this weekend!
  • 6 new ways to get healthy with Registered Nutritionist, Lianne Phillipson.

Safer Internet Day: Secret codes parents need to know about

  • PAL – Parents Are Listening
  • P999 – Parent Alert
  • SOS – Someone over shoulder
  • PIR – Parent in room
  • 99 — Parents Have Stopped Watching
  • LMIRL — Let’s Meet In Real Life