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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

In studio:

  • How shopping online for groceries can save you money
    Lesley-Anne Scorgie, President & Founder of MeVest
    Web: www.mevest.ca
    Social: @MeVestMoney
  • Best places to live in Canada
    Claire Brownell – MoneySense
    Web: www.MoneySense.ca
    Social: @MoneySense @clabrow
  • Smashfest 2018
    Dominic Moore – Smashfest Founder/NHL Player
    Web: http://smashfest.ca/
    Social: @_smashfest @MooreDom
  • BOOM – a one man show taking us through 25 years of history
    Rick Miller – Director/Performer
    Web: www.Mirvish.com 
    Social: @Mirvish

On location:

  • Stella is LIVE with Earth Rangers
    Twitter: @EarthRangers
    Facebook: @bringbackthewild
    Instagram: @earth_rangers