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Tuesday July 9, 2019

In studio:

  • 6:21 AM
    It was supposed to start this Thursday but last week, the Roxodus Music Festival near Barrie was abruptly cancelled. Organizers initially saying it was because of bad weather but now there’s a blame game going on – and people are still waiting to get their money back.
    For a closer look at this and how consumers can protect themselves as we get into summer festival season, Tony Di Domenico – partner and co-leader at Fasken’s Antitrust Competition and Marketing Group. Also a former counsel for the federal competition bureau.
    Twitter: @Tony_DiDomenico
    Web: www.fasken.com/antonio-didomenico
  • 7:20 AM
    He is well-known for his role in hit TV series Beverly Hills 90210 and today he joins us to talk about why he is helping Moores Clothing for Men raise awareness of its 10th Annual Suit Drive that runs across Canada until July 31!
    The Moores Suit Drive helps those in need of employment by giving them a “polished look” and boosting their confidence. You can make a difference and help this cause by simply donating a suit!
    Twitter:@Jason_Priestley @MooresClothing 
    Instagram: @jason_priestley | @mooresclothing
    Web: www.mooresclothing.com/suit-drive
  • 8:31 AM
    Look but don’t touch! From poison ivy to giant hogweed, Frankie joins us with the poisonous plants you need to stay away from this summer! Learn about where they’re found, what they look like & how to treat them!
    Twitter: @FrankFerragine 
    Instagram: @frankferragine

On location:

Natasha LIVE at Stage Coach Performing Arts School
1587 Cormack Crescent, Mississauga, ON

  • 6:41 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole stops by Star Academy, a performing arts program that teaches singing, dancing and acting classes for kids.
  • 7:27 AM
    Hit #2: Nicole talks with the kids at Star Academy about developing their singing and acting skills while gaining confidence.
  • 7:51 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole’s LIVE at Star Academy to check out the process of leadership skill development offered through fun activities – like acting!
  • 8:21 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole learns the ‘box step’ at Star Academy!
  • 8:41 AM
    Hit #5: The Star Academy perform their vocal warm up!