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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In studio:

  • Father’s Day gift ideas with Sears
    Richard Cazeau, men’s lifestyle expert
    www.sears.ca | Twitter: @SearsCA
  • Sharon and Bram
    Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison
    www.sharonandbram.com | Twitter: @SharonandBram
  • Toronto designer Dean Davidson creates earrings for Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau
    Dean Davidson, jewelry designer
    www.deandavidson.ca | Twitter: @DeanDavidson
    Save up to 70% on past collections:
    Thursday June 16, 12-8pm, Friday, June 17, 12-8pm and Saturday, June 18, 1-5pm
    90 Sumach Street, Toronto Buzz 0835, 647-793-4818

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Bangor, ME 04401