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Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013

In studio:

  • Science Guru David Suzuki chats about Alzheimers and his personal experience
    David Suzuki, award-winning scientist/environmentalist
    The Nature of Things: Untangling Alzheimers releases Nov. 14
    www.davidsuzuki.org | Twitter: @DavidSuzuki
  • ‘Crude and Rude’ comedian Gilbert Gottfried
    Gilbert Gottfried, comedian
    Catch Crude and Rude Gilbert Gottfried tonight at LIVE ACT theatre in Whtby and tomorrow at Park Theatre in Cobourg.
    www.liveact.ca | Twitter: @RealGilbert
  • What the Mediterranean diet teaches us about food pairing
    Jennifer Pike, author, The Simplicity Project
    Watch Jenn’s two shows Living Simpliciously and Simplicity Fusion Flow only on Rogers TV, and visit her website for more info on her book The Simplicity Project.
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff visits Breakfast Television
    DJ Jazzy Jeff, producer
    www.redbull.ca/3styletickets | Twitter: @RedBull3Style; @DJJazzyJeff215; #RB3style
  • How to Cook 2 Basic Foods Better: steak and eggs
    Jack Bishop, editorial director, America’s Test Kitchen

On location with the Live Eye:

  • Grand Prize Show Home, 1522 Devon Road, Oakville
    Early bird deadline: Midnight, Nov. 7
    Tickets: Best value — 5 pack $375, 3 pack $250, single $100
    www.PrincessMargaretLotto.com | 1 (866) 631-1234