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Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015

In studio:

  • Decorating trends for your Christmas tree!
    Tracy Platt, style and design expert, Canadian Tire
    www.canadiantire.ca/canvas | Twitter: @CanadianTire | Facebook: /Canadiantire
  • 6-time Stanley Cup champ Mark Messier tells us how he’s growing hockey at the grassroots level
    Mark Messier, ambassador, The First Shift; Renée Rochefort, Program Coordinator, The First Shift
    www.thefirstshift.ca | Twitter: @markmessier
  • YouTube Canada’s top viral videos of 2015
    Jenn Kaiser, YouTube Canada

On location with the Live Eye:

Tech & Trending:

  • Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Cub at 8 Weeks Old