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Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017

In studio:

  • Former mayor and president/CEO of WWF Canada, David Miller, sets out to climb the CN Tower in April!
    www.wwf.ca/cntower | Twitter: @iamDavidMiller
  • Renowned star of stage and screen, Fiona Reid, talks about her role as Queen Elizabeth in “The Audience”.
    mirvish.com | Twitter: @mirvish
  • Authors of “The CEO of Everything” join us to talk about surviving loss, what works and what doesn’t.
    www.gailvazoxlade.com | Twitter: @GailVazOxlade
  • Comedian, Mary Walsh chats with us as she gets ready to pay tribute to comedic legend, John Candy.
    www.crackup.ca | Twitter: @crackup