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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In studio:

  • Canadian hockey legend Curtis Joseph on staying pain free this season
    Curtis Joseph, Canadian hockey legend; Chris Broadhurst, athletic therapist
    For more information on the Stay in Play Contest, where everyday athletes have a chance to skate with the pros go to the website below.
    www.stayintheplay.com | Twitter: @Cujo
  • Diabetes prevention and cooking with Chef Mark McEwan
    Mark McEwan, chef
    www.bgccan.com | Twitter: @Chef_MarkMcEwan
  • Man Made Meals: The Essential Cookbook for Guys
    Steven Raichlen, America’s “Master Griller”
    Twitter: @sraichlen

    Click to buy the book here.

    Click to buy the book here.

On location with the Live Eye:

  • Kingsway Boxing Club
    22 Jutland Road, Toronto