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Wednesday May 23, 2018

In studio:

  • Your pets are part of your family and unfortunately when family’s fall apart, or couple’s separate – animal rights will come in to play. In studio today is Suzana Gartner from Animal Lawyers
    Suzana Gartner – Founder of AnimalLawyers.ca
    Twitter: @AnimalLawyersCA
  • With Spring in full swing so are renovations. If you’re planning to renovate, put up a fence or dig a new garden you’ll need to call before you dig. Joining us today to tell us about the one call you need to make before you renovate is Ben Hamilton
    Ben Hamilton – Executive Director, Ontario One Call
    Web: www.ON1Call.com

  • Edible cuteness is the new rage. Joining us to help us create our very own Instagram worthy recipes is Cayla Gallagher
    Cayla Gallagher
    Youtube/Instagram: @Pankobunny

  • It’s been 19 days since the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii first erupted and it still continues to spew fiery lava and gas into the air. The latest concern is the plume of toxic fumes forming over the Pacific Ocean as lava reacts with seawater. To talk about the impact of Kilauea’s eruption on the big island is Lindsay Schoenbohm
    Lindsay Schoenbohm – Associate Professor of Earth Sciences, U of T Mississauga

On location: