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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In studio:

  • A look at the Blue Jays and their progress
    Gregg Zaun, analyst, Blue Jays Central
    www.sportsnet.ca | Twitter: @BlueJays; @greggzaun
  • Cooking with Indian flavours
    Raghvan Iyer, author, Indian Cooking Unfolded
    www.raghavaniyer.com | Twitter: @660Curries

    Click here to buy the book.

    Click here to buy the book.

  • Chilean wine and food pairing
    Ruth Van Warebeek, international chef
  • The FoodFella
    Chef Christopher Tan
    FoodFella’s Kitchen cooking classes offer guests a chance to participate in a unique culinary experience while learning insider tips and tricks of the restaurant and food service industry from a professionally trained chef
    www.thefoodfella.com | Twitter: @TheFoodFella
  • The basics of loose-leaf tea and ways to incorporate it into your life
    John Cheetham, tea master
    Facebook: /PureLeaf