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Wednesday May 30, 2018

In studio:

  • Construction season is underway in Toronto – but only 4 per cent of people building our new homes, roads, and other projects are women according to Canada’s Construction Sector Council. Jamie McMillan is a tradesperson and has made it her business to change that number
    Jamie McMillan – Tradesperson
    Twitter: @KickAssJourney
    Web: www.kickasscareers.org
  • How can each one of us make a difference when it comes to the health of the planet? Here to share some of her Earth Friendly tips is Nutritionist, Andrea Donsky
    Andrea Donsky – Holistic Nutritionist
    Web: www.NaturallySavvy.com
  • Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto kicks off tomorrow night and will feature 22 talented designers whose work challenges mainstream perceptions of Indigenous culture. In studio is Artistic Director and Founder, Sage Paul
    Sage Paul – Artistic Director, Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto
    Instagram/Twitter: @IFWToronto
    Web: www.ifwtoronto.com

On location:

  • Frank is LIVE at the Grand Opening of “Niagara Speedway” Canada’s first ever elevated go-kart race course. He checks out the Mario-Kart-esque racetrack in Clifton Hill