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Wednesday May 8, 2019

In studio:

  • 6:20 AM
    Tech Expert, Mike Yawney is here sharing the latest technological developments, including The Pixel phone, shoppable TV, and the Robot Plant Pot.
    Twitter: @Gadget_Guy
    Video: NBC Universal introduces ‘Shoppable TV’
  • 7:20 AM
    The Karaoke Cop, Shawn Kinghorn, talks about the One Brave Fundraiser, which encourages people to put their hidden talents out on display to raise money for mental health week. Our team gives us a taste of their karaoke skills!
    Video: Karaoke Kop helps raise money for mental health awareness
  • 7:40 AM
    Easy Mother’s Day gift ideas!
    If you still haven’t found mom a gift for Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong with flowers! Frankie shows us a selection of flowers that mom will love.
    Video: Frankie’s five must-have Mother’s Day gifts!
  • 8:30 AM
    Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Tanya Sam stops by BT to tell us about BuiltxWomen.
    Twitter: @itsTanyaSam
    Video: Tanya Sam stops by BT!

On location:

  • ChocoSol,
    1131 St Clair Ave W, Toronto
    7:26 AM
    Hit #1: Nicole talks to Mat about the chocolate store in Toronto that aims for the most ecological, delicious, and nutritious chocolate products – ChocoSol!7:52 AM
    Hit #2: Mat shows Nicole how ChocoSol processes their cocoa!

    8:22 AM
    Hit #3: Nicole continues her tour of ChocoSol and takes a look at the soil that grows their delicious cocoa beans.

    8:42 AM
    Hit #4: Nicole takes a look at ChocoSol’s new product packaging design and gets a taste of some delicious samples.