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Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014

In studio:

  • Hot products from the Toronto Snow Show
    Patrick Arkeveld, Toronto Snow Show, Canadian Ski Council
    Toronto Snow Show opens Thursday and runs until Sunday at the International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd.
  • Bands on the Run Tour
    Jason McCoy – Lead singer & guitar, The Road Hammers; Chris Thorsteinson – Lead Singer & Electric Guitar, Doc Walker; Dave Wasyliw – Acoustic Guitar & singer, Doc Walker; Noll Billings – Lead Singer, Blackjack Billy
    www.bandsontherun.ca | Twitter: @BOTRtour
  • Yummy raw recipes
    Meghan Pearson, raw vegan chef and coach, yoga retreat facilitator
    www.haciendadelsolcr.com | Twitter @MAPWellness

On location with the Live Eye: